There’s a dirty little secret in the CRM business. Most Loan Officers don’t like CRMs. They don’t like logging in, keying in data, setting reminders, constructing campaigns, and definitely not pouring over dashboards. It’s putting more work and complexity on their plate and they don’t need it.

“Mortgage Executives and Loan Officers have a love-hate relationship with CRMs. Executives love CRMs; Loan Officers not so much.”

However, mortgage executives love the promise of CRMs. The promise of building stronger relationships to close more loans, keeping sales activities separate from operations, growing brand equity, and empowering all producers to market like top producers.

How do we reconcile these opposing views on Customer Relationship Management?

Automation is the answer.

Velma is the Mortgage Industry’s preeminent expert in data driven marketing. Velma automates marketing using the existing data you are already collecting in your LOS and other solutions. Loan officers are thrilled to have Velma do their work for them and the business reaps the benefits.

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